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Help me with an essay about violence

So, the school is behind us for a long time, the institute makes absolutely different demands, complex courses and volume abstracts are written, and then suddenly an elementary composition called the beautiful word “essay” falls on our heads like snow. It seems to be a habit to have such kind of activity, worked out by long school years, and the required volume is small – 4-5, rarely 10 pages, but for some reason very often it the essay causes the greatest difficulty for the students.

First, it is the inevitable requirement of originality of the text. In the course book and the report, no one forbids the compilation of large pieces of copyright works, if only the links are neatly arranged. And the essay is a product of your own creativity, exclusive.

Secondly, the teacher, formulating the topic of the essay, can show no less creativity, and suggest, as a topic, for example, a quote containing a rather abstract statement.

Or it may not be possible to formulate the topic at all, suggesting that the student himself does this, but by pointing out the problems and rigid requirements for building the work.

So, if your topic is related to violence, we present to your attention an example of writing such an essay Get assignment help in Australia here..

Example of an essay about violence

The essay “Children and violence” is the author’s reflection on family education. On the example of his own experience, the author asserts the idea that children are the reflection of their parents, and if violence occurs in the family, the child will consider this a norm.

Children and violence are two things incompatible, like genius and villainy. Cruelty in relations with children can only give rise to fear and hatred, and they in turn make a new portion of violence. In this cycle there is no place for love and kindness, trust and truth. In such a world there is no place for the child’s heart. It can be born and live only in a family where love, respect, understanding reign.

You can raise a child without violence and humiliation.

The child-schoolboy. From now on, for many parents, violence becomes the main means of education. Brought a deuce – a slap on his head, he could not do his homework on his own – a slap in the face. And where are you parents? Loving, kind! Help, tell me, support, teach. Yes, yes! Postpone all urgent matters (your child is the most important thing) and patiently, without blunders and insults, disassemble with your son (daughter) a difficult task, come up with a story, read a book. Oh, how hard it is! Is it easy for a child?

Talk with the child, trust him, be able to hear him – this is perhaps the most important thing. Moreover, higher education of parents is not necessary.

What should be included in essay about violence?

We live on loans with our children. What we give, that we will return (the principle of boomerang). Should we then be surprised that violence and violence is growing in the society: adult children take the elderly parents to a social shelter, the husband beats his wife, the schoolboy takes up arms if the closest people can not understand each other without slaps and screams.

Of course, raising a child is not easy. It is everyday work without days off and holidays. But one thing needs to be sure: a personal example of parents (educators) teaches children, not a whip or a carrot. You can explain to your child as much as you want, that you can not solve your dispute with a peer with your fists. The result will not be if the family thrives on violence.

And if your “reflection” is crooked, “there is nothing to blame for the mirror.”.

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