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Help me with an essay about my goals in life

Today, such a genre as an essay is offered as an Aussie assignment quite often. It is one of the main components of the package of documents (upon admission to an educational institution or at job placement). The essay contest helps from the variety of the best ones to choose the very best!

So, here’s an approximate essay on the purpose of life.

Each person has his own main goal in life, to which he aspires. Or even several purposes. Throughout life they can be changed: losing their importance, some are removed, and in their place there are other, more relevant.

Successful people argue that as longer the list of your goals is,so better you will be able to understand your true desires. You can write an assignment online or get help by an expert.

What is happiness? How to write an essay about my goals

A happy person is called a successful person. No one will call a loser happy – success is a component of happiness. To the life of the sun was not painful and ashamed of aimlessly lived time, it is necessary to set tasks for ourselves today.

In order to consider life to be successful, the most important life goals for a man must be reached by age. Summing up his life, a man compares what he dreamed, with what he has achieved. But it happens that over the years it is difficult to remember many of your desire-goals, so it is difficult to make comparisons. That’s why it’s so important to write the most important goals in life on a sheet of paper, periodically reread the list.

SMART Goals Essay Writing

Another important aspect is try to write SMART goals. This means that your goals must meet five important criteria: concreteness, measurability, relevance, reachability, time constraints.

Before making a list, it is necessary to understand what is a priority, vital for a person. Air, drink, food, sleep – four the most important needs of organic life. The second series are health, housing, clothing, sex, recreation – the necessary attributes of life, but secondary. Unlike animals, it is not only the elementary satisfaction of life’s needs that is peculiar to man, he wants to do this, receiving aesthetic pleasure.

It is impossible to live without meeting the paramount needs, but without satisfying the secondary needs it is difficult. Therefore, if at least one link in this chain is destroyed, a person suffers physically – in the first place, morally – in the second place. He is unhappy. But even if all vital needs of the individual are satisfied, his life can not be called happy. Here is a paradox.

Therefore, in the list of vital, priority human goals must necessarily include items, through the implementation of which the primary and secondary human needs would be satisfied.

The list of such purposes as “buy your own house” or “rest on the sea”, “make the necessary medical operation” or “cure and insert teeth”, “buy a fur coat” and “buy a car”, although not so important for complete happiness (why – will be discussed below), but achieving them makes dwelling on the land of people more comfortable. To meet these needs, achieving the goals listed above, an individual needs money. And, selecting the most important goals of the person, the list should necessarily include a clause concerning the financial state of the individual.

Examples of such objectives:

Find a high-paying job;

Open your own business;

To ensure that the business brings a net income of more than $ 10,000 per month, and so on.

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