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Help me with an essay about language

When you start to learn a foreign language more deeply, it is inevitably to begin to think about how to write an essay, or make a performance in the classroom to the target language. Using the word “deep”, we mean, for example, an exam in linguistics.

In many countries, essay writing is often used as a way of testing and selection process. The test of essay writing allows evaluating the personality of the author, their ideology, the degree of originality of thoughts and feelings. Body of knowledge or subject of study are not so important in this process. In this sense, an essay is the antithesis of traditional test.

Who can write my essay about language?

If you write an essay for the first time, you are sure to ask the question: How to write an essay, in what language?

First of all, you should not strive to dazzle at any cost. Pretentiousness, artificiality will not replace the sincerity and authenticity of feelings and emotions. Only sincerity, personal attitude towards the described event, makes plain text, what is called an essay. Remember, an essay is only an expression of your opinion, it is a reflection of your personality on the event, phenomenon. Therefore, the volume, shape, structure do not have a rigid formal rules.

However, on the basis of generally accepted norms in Australian Education System, we can recommend the following:

Volume. Brevity is a sister of talent. It is normal to write just a few pages of text. But if thoughts, feelings, desires overwhelm you – write as much as you want.

Structure. You are free to state your thoughts, feelings, ideas, in the order in which you think it is necessary. An essay requires no table of contents, introduction, chapters, conclusions. There are no relevance, purpose, objectives, list of used literature. It is important to make the text convey your thoughts, sensations, feelings, born to you in the process of reasoning, experiences related to the subject of your essay.

Language. Do not be fooled that this is a training or test work. You write an essay, so language should not be pseudo-scientific. You don’t need exact numeric data, analyses and the like. You do not write for the examiner, but share your thoughts with the people you love, to whom it is not necessary “to strut your stuff.” Try to achieve harmony between the verbal, imaginative description of your feelings and thoughts and those feelings that you had in reality.

Now you know how to write essays at the highest score. If you want this theoretical knowledge to bring you the practical benefits in the form of high scores on the exam, use it. You should practice writing essays on various topics — this will be the best preparation for the exam.

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