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Essay About Cancer Writing Help

Quite a lot of disputes are raised by questions about the volume of essays. It all depends on the requirements of the teacher, as well as the topic of the article itself. You should agree that the analysis of a particular poem will take much less pages than a judgment about the work as a whole.

An standard essay is around three A4 pages filled on one side.

However, an essay can fit on one page as well as on seven pages. The volume of an essay also largely depends on the skill of the author, and manners of explanations.

Essay about cancer requirements

Due to the fact that the competitive programs for entering the university include essays as a tool of assessment, it is important to know some of the requirements that apply to them in most universities. One of the main roles is played by the human factor. In other words, the essay will be checked by the teacher with whom you are likely not familiar. Moreover, in addition to your work, they will need to handle many other articles. Therefore, regardless of the ideas and views of inspection, it is important to impress them, “hook” the attention.

In this regard, it is recommended to clothe the body of the essay in an easy form.

Sentences should be short but informative. Avoid lengthy arguments, do not ramble. Write on the case, but not too sparingly.

If follow these simple rules there will be more chances that your essay will be read to the end.

It is even better if they are neutral – if your thoughts or criticism is unlikely to go against the opinion of the commission. If you do not imagine that you can talk on a given topic, try to study the examples. It is much easier to find essays on social science or philosophy than in economics or law, however after studying, a similar model of the future article will start to emerge. It is a serious task and you should be prepared seriously. Try to find much information on the affected issues.

Different points of view for writing an essay about cancer

Examine different points of view and motives of stakeholders – this will help you to more fully form a picture of your own world and meaningfully describe it in a future essay.

It is hard to write about cancer:  much human suffering, sacrifice, sorrow bring people a malignant tumor. Despite the fact that mortality from cardiovascular disease is first and cancer is second, heart diseases do not cause such anxiety. This is because people are sure that cancer is incurable. So I think only those who are not familiar with this disease do not know the present status and achievements of domestic and especially the world medicine.

No doubt, cancer is a serious disease and requires more attention than any other. However, there are no light diseases. The main thing is to detect it even at the moment of occurrence in a particular organ. But at least, and maybe the most important thing is to warn it, to protect .humanity and all life on earth from the destruction of malignant tumors. It is much more profitable and economically to prevent disease, and especially socially, than to treat already far advanced illness.

It should be noticed that, according to the world health organization, only 10 % of health depends on the possible efforts of health workers, and 50% – from lifestyle, 40 % – from the environment, contamination of the environment and hereditary factors. In other words, the irresponsible attitude towards your health, bad habits, poor diet, and consumption of food or water containing pesticides or other toxic compounds, breathing air saturated with carcinogenic substances, and especially a combination of these factors cause cancer.

If after reading an essay, a reader will be more attentive to their health and will contribute to the improvement of the environment – you have professionally coped with the task.

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